Designer Railing Panel Inserts – Eight Foot Width Steel Metal Art

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Designer Laser Cut Railing Panel Inserts – 8 Foot

Install a railing metal art panel by NatureRails to add interest and curb appeal to your home. These decorative railing inserts are by artist Rob Gerdin and fabricated on demand. Choose from popular designs such as bear, deer or just forest tree’s on the lake. These designs are 8-foot wide railing panel inserts for your balcony railing or deck railing. These artistic designer railing panels are made from steel and powder coated in the color of your choice.  That means no painting or sanding of your deck railing!  You will be enjoying your deck even more while looking at a functional work of art.

  • Each laser cut railing insert is 8 ft wide (96 inches) and 30 inches tall
  • Artistic railing panel inserts are powder coated for extreme durability
  • Railing panels are made from 10 gauge steel (1/8″ thick)
  • Each railing panel insert meets building code requirements of 4″ maximum spacing in the railing design
  • Railing panels can be easily inserted into our own hand and foot railing
  • Railing panels that are for exterior use will have an additional layer of primer powder coat at no extra charge!
ST8-08 Designer Deer Railing Panel

ST8-08 Designer Deer Railing with added welding and posts

When selecting your railing insert panel, make 3 choices and your done! Select from dozens of decorative panel designs, your favorite powder coat color, and installation location. If you are installing your products outdoors, we add a marine grade primer beneath your powder coat color for additional protection from the weather. Select from included colors Textured Black, Textured Copper or Oil Rubbed Bronze with texture.


Laser Cut Railing Panel - Designer Mountain Lake - 8 foot

ST8-14 Mountain Lake Designer Railing

Pre-designed wildlife scenes can also be done in custom sizes

Shop our 6-Foot Designer Railing Panels, or you can work with us to design a custom scene.  We can design anything you can imagine and cut it to fit your space.  Take a look at our Custom Railing for more information.

Why should your railing use powder coat instead of paint, stains or no coating at all? Well for starters, powder coat is 4-10 times thicker than traditional spray paint. Its now the leading coating technique in the industry for exterior metal products from railing to playground equipment to marine environments. Read more about powder coat and watch this short Video of Powder Coat Application on a NatureRails gate.  Be sure to check out NatureRails Product FAQ for more detailed answers.


ST8-01 Designer Railing Panel - Bear

ST8-01 Designer Railing – Bear


Enjoy this nature rail to enhance your already beautiful deck or interior balcony rail.