Powder Coat Railing & Gates Creates Superior NatureRails Products
Textured Black Powder Coat

Textured Black

Textured Copper

Textured Copper

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Silver Vein Powder Coat Color

Silver Vein

Copper Vein Powder Coat Color

Copper Vein

Hammered White

Color Selections above included in your standard or custom design pricing:

Black Texture, Hammered White and Textured Copper 

**All other colors shown add $75 upgrade fee for orders every 20 lineal feet ordered**

NatureRails Custom Railing Finishing Process

Oil Rubbed Bronze

There are so many reasons to use powder coat processing for decorative railing panels, gates, or baluster railing systems over paint. Here is some information to help you understand the benefits of commercial grade powder coat finishing’s on your custom railing.

  1. Powder coat is 4-10 times thicker than traditional liquid spray paint.
  2. NatureRails products are all powder coated with a thickness of 6 to 8 mils. This is considered a functional finish thickness, versus a decorative finish which is 2-6 mils thick.
  3. Powder coat is physically harder than a wet paint, which gives the product a higher resistance to scratching and chipping increasing the overall better durability.
  4. Powder coat adheres to the metal better than a paint and powder coat is a more flexible material, which helps withstand cracking or flaking.
  5. Powder coat increases corrosion resistance. Salt spray tests on powder coat finishes have been demonstrated to last 1000 hours and longer without failure.
  6. Powder coat is an environmentally friendly process for the applicator and is not a significant fire or environmental hazard. Comparatively, wet paint is flammable, carcinogenic and contains volatile organic compounds.
  7. Please note touch up paint is typically only available in Black Texture. If you are trying to match a specific color, our custom matching starts at $200.00. Any color of the rainbow is available for your custom project including many different textures.
  8. We recommend Black or White powder coat for exterior jobs for easy touch up in the future.
  9. Color chips available upon order placement.

Watch this short Video of Powder Coat Application before baking it in an enormous oven.

Considerations for your color selection:

  1. You may think you want a color, but be cautious beyond black and brown tones. You may have a difficult time matching up faded colors down the road, or tire of something with too much contrast or metallic in it. Black is so forgiving should the time come to do a little maintenance.
  2. If you are reselling the property, think neutral.
  3. Remember, if this is your project and you want your railing in ruby red, it can be done. Nothing screams custom like a flip flop 2 tone sparkly green Moose panel. We provide matching color services in many different shades and textures for that 1-of-a-kind color.



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