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  • Custom Designed Railing - Moose
  • Custom Designed Railing - Bald Eagle Fishing
  • Custom Designed Railing - Deer - Standing Bear - Elk
  • Custom Designed Railing - Vineyard Scene
  • Custom Designed Railing - Jack Russels
  • Custom Designed Railing - Bear - Elk - Bald Eagle
  • Custom Designed Railing - Pheasant Turkey Buck
  • Custom Designed Railing - Fish in Pond
  • Custom Designed Railing - 30x80
  • Custom Designed Railing - Deers on Lake
  • Custom Designed Railing - Heron
  • Custom Designed Railing - New Orleans Style
  • Custom Designed Railing - 4 Panel Scene
  • Custom Designed Railing - Moose Eagle Bear Mix
  • Custom Designed Railing - Hunting Dog
  • Custom Designed Railing - Alaska Salmon Run
  • Custom Designed Railing - Redwing Blackbird in Cattails
  • Custom Designed Railing - Winter Trees
  • cs-599-30×96-mountain-woods
  • Custom Designed Railing - Duck Hunters
  • Custom Designed Railing - Horses
  • Custom Designed Railing - Pinecone Border
  • Custom Designed Railing - Dolphin Wave
  • Custom Designed Railing - Mountain Lake
  • Custom Designed Railing - Mt Hood
  • Custom Designed Railing - Wolves
  • Custom Designed Railing - Mountain Lions and Bear
  • Custom Designed Railing - Lab Hunting Pheasant

Rob Gerdin

CS-277 Eagle Catching Rabbit

CS-283 Custom Loons in Geometric Design

Custom Restaurant Panel CS-434

IN-01 Stair Railing w Trees

CS-323 Pine Cone Railing

Custom Railing CS-122

San Diego Zoo Custom Railing

Baluster Border Railing BR8-001

Custom Designed Railing and Decorative Railing Inserts

Our artist loves designing custom railing!  Meet our professional artist and owner of NatureRails LLC, Rob Gerdin. Rob is a self-taught artist who sold his first commissioned painting at the age of 13 and has owned and operated NatureRails LLC for over 12 years.

Rob creates amazing custom railing single panel scenes as an accent or focal point for your your stairs, balcony, deck, loft or porch or a complete welded railing system. All custom metal railing panels are designed with a special decorative touch, and finely crafted with American-made products. Each project utilizes Rob’s exceptional attention to detail throughout the design and fabrication process. Each custom railing is shipped with a signed Artists Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Rob.

Whether you want an entirely new design theme, or you just need one of our designs in a different size our team will help you create the perfect custom railing or balustrade. We will answer all of your questions before we begin cutting any metal.

We can also use your own photographs in your custom design. Silhouettes of dogs – sorry no cat people yet – or children are popular examples as well as aircraft, boats and landmarks. Rob can even use stick figures on a napkin (just send us a snapshot from your phone) as inspiration for your custom railing whether it will be used on a deck, staircase, balcony or loft.

We have turned several artists paintings into custom metal railings which included salmon swimming upstream in Alaska and a field of poppies. Get more design ideas from our customer installation photos gallery and review the feedback sent in by very happy customers.

Our Custom Design Process

After a deposit is taken, the information is compiled and typically in 2-4 days* a proof set is produced and emailed to you.  (*Standard processing time may vary depending on size and complexity of job.)

After you review your proof set, you may make any changes to enhance the original proof. We work with you to finalize the changes which includes a minimum of five (5) free revisions at no extra charge. After we have your signature on the final design draft, we cut the metal with a high precision laser jet or water jet machine that leaves a smooth cut edge that is never sharp to the touch. The detail will amaze you! Picture fangs on a wolf or delicate spots on a fawn in the forest.

Welding, Sandblasting & a Bath

If the custom railing includes welding as part of the design, it will be taken there next. The next step is to clean the metal. Your steel or aluminum panels will be thoroughly cleaned with our 2 step process. We sandblast the product for a super smooth finish and better adhesion of the powder coat.

After the sand blasting, we wash the custom railing with an acid bath that includes a rust inhibitor. It is very important to have an immaculately clean surface so that the powder coat adheres perfectly to the steel or aluminum, providing a long lasting maintenance-free finish.

Steel or Aluminum, Colors & Textures

NatureRails offers products fabricated out of steel usually, but we also install custom railing near salt water and use aluminum for those areas. Please let us know your preference when you request a quote or we would be happy to discuss the best option for your custom railing project and make a recommendation.

Finally the metal is powder coated in the color of your choice. Powder coating is sprayed on and then baked on in an enormous oven. Watch these Custom Railing Creation Videos to get a more detailed look into the custom creation process.

Maybe you have a need for a particular color, even something that looks like brass. Look no further, we have color matching services and access to thousands of gorgeous powder coat colors and textures to compliment any decor. Love the beach style? How about at fresh white powder coated starfish baluster railing? No problem. Would you like a brass privacy panel for the dining room, we can do that! Standard Powder Coat Colors

Our most popular color selections include textured black, textured copper, oil rubbed bronze, robust brown, hammered white, and more. Upon order placement, metal color chip samples can be sent to you for perfect matching.

Delivery Time

So how long will it take to get your railing panels?  Custom work is transformed from your ideas into a real product in as little as 3 weeks—or as long as 2 or more months. Factors in delivery time include whether or not your job requires welding, the quantity of custom railing panels ordered, how many revisions are required until the design proof is finalized, and current workload at the shop. We attempt to work toward your desired schedule and communicate with you during the entire process.

Questions to Consider for Your FREE Quote

By now you are wondering how you get started on your own railings. Here are a few questions to get your started.

1. Are you installing into wood or metal posts?

2. Do you want a welded custom railing panel section that you simply bolt in for installation?

3. Are you providing your own posts or will NatureRails fabricate those for you as well?

4. What is the measured distance horizontally in between where your posts where the custom railing panel will be installed?

5. How tall do you need the custom railing?  For a typical 36” installation, our standard height of 30” usually fits perfectly.

All of our custom railings are designed with a maximum 4” in gap in the design that meets or exceeds all safety requirements.

Custom Railing Design & Fabrication Pricing

Custom Railing is priced at $230.00 per lineal foot and up with a standard 30 inch height in 10 gauge steel materials. Aluminum quoted on request.

Example: If you have a 30”x72” custom panel, without welding, your price is $240 per lineal foot for a full artwork panel, or $1380 plus UPS shipping. OR select from one of over 50 pre-designed panels in six and eight foot widths.

Email us, or let’s Chat!

Fill out our Quote & Question Form by providing your size(s) and a total number of sections. Please include your delivery address for shipping quotes as well. We email or call you with a quote for your project within 2-4 business days typically.

Contact NatureRails™ at 888-743-2325 to discuss your project.

Looking for something with a little less bling? Check out our line of Decorative Baluster Railings with a Variety of Borders, that compliment artwork focal points nicely. We have everything to fit any style; rustic, modern, traditional, classic or beach themed.

For more information on how to get started on your deck renovation, check out this handy video sponsored by Home Depo here:


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