Custom Gate Design for Deck Park Garden or Pedestrian Path -

Custom Driveway Gates and Entrance Gates for Luxury Residences

Make an impression on your guests! An  Estate gate or driveway gate from NatureRails makes a lasting impression on your clients and guests. Your custom designed gate can be made in any design to match your architecture and decor, even your logo.

Custom gates in powder coated steel or aluminum are built to last! Custom fabrication to meet your every artistic metal need in a gate. We have access to a variety of hinge styles, latches and of course your gate will be made to your size and design requirements by award-winning graphic artist Rob Gerdin.

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  • custom_gate_for_stairs
  • canada-driveway-gate-dr-15-32
  • aluminum-gate-with-palm-sun-design-
  • cs-15-631-custom-gate-clownfish-by-naturerails
  • cs-559-custom-gate-great-blue-heron-by-naturerails
  • custom-driveway-gate-d11-with-clown-fish-grouper-conch-sea-turtle-dr-11
  • custom-eagle-gate-for-stairs-ga-26
  • custom-driveway-gate-dr-15-32
  • ga-15-36-custom-gate-music
  • custom_steel_pet_gate
  • custom_gate_outdoors_pets
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  • custom_steel_gate_ga_22
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  • custom-gate-pine-cone-border-and-spindles
  • custom-gate-ga29-ga30-pine-cone-border-copper-vein
  • custom-gate-ga-16-32-salmon-run-naturerails
  • custom-bear-gate-ga-16-33-exterior
  • ga-16-34-gate-crows-nest-sc-textured-copper-1
  • cs-434-mariachi-dancers-el-toro-restaurants
  • custom_stair_gate
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Custom Gates Options | Any size & design

Select from heavy duty steel or aluminum, then we design your gate to meet your installation and style requirements. You are then sent and email proof of the design to approve. Five design revisions are included in the cost to get the vision perfect for you. The very intricate design of your gate is cut with a water jet or fiber optic laser machine, capturing every detail of the design. After welding, your gate is thoroughly cleaned by sandblasting and a bath.  It is then sprayed with powder coat powder and baked on in a very large, hot oven, creating an enamel finish.  Out door products an initial layer of powder coat primer is added. Your custom gate is then carefully packaged and shipped to your home or business.

Your custom gate can include different shapes at the top, different latch and receiving latch boxes used, or other features added for your type of design vision, or installation type.

We have designed custom gates for customers that fit directly into masonry, garden gates, deck gates, interior stair gates, and driveway gates. One of our recent customers ordered a driveway gate designed to match the railing design on their wrap-around deck. What can we design for you?

From design to the hinge and latch details, with our custom design services we are able to create exactly what you need. We ship anywhere UPS or Fed Ex delivers across the United States and Canada. Now also shipping to the Caribbean. Other idea’s for gates include gates for your garden, a pedestrian path or to the pool. We also do community projects and can meet your requests for commercial use.

Can I see your colors?

Color matching is available but most are happy with our most popular colors: Powder Coat Colors

I’m in! Let’s get started!

Can’t wait? Email us your specs at [email protected] and browse online for idea’s: NatureRails Pre Designed Artistic Railing Inserts Shopping

If your question or project is more complex, sizes and a list of what your looking for can be emailed to [email protected] with your dimensions for a FREE estimate. To design your gate, we start with your area width and height.

You may also send us a description of your project or questions using the form on the Contact Us About Your Gate Project page if you prefer.

Even before powder coating this aluminum driveway gate it is stunning.


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