Custom Gates Driveway Estate Gates, Loft or deck gates

Glad you found us here to check out our artist designed custom metal gates.

Do you need a gate? How about a custom metal gate that makes your driveway secure and adds value to your property? Or maybe you just need a decorative metal gate to add to the deck so that Fido doesn’t bust a move every time your dog goes outside. Design your own custom metal gate for interior lofts, balconies or any space you want to separate. Nature Rails also design exterior gates for gardens, pedestrian gates, decks and driveways.

Work with us to create the design you want, or start by reviewing photo’s on our site and making a list of the elements you would like in your gate. Metal gates can be done to your width and height requirements. Select from steel or aluminum materials. Most gates are done in steel unless salt water is present near the installation area.

Once you have your size and design requirements, you are ready to work with us on and estimate. Once approved, a deposit is taken and the artwork and weld plans are developed. 5 revisions included, all your files cutting and materials, welding, sandblasting, primer and powder coat finish. Colors available, however we recommend black or white for exterior use for easy reconditioning through the years. An easy spray coat after 10 years of sun or cold weather can make your item look new again!


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