Boat & Water Railing Design - %

Metal railing panel inserts can be created in any size, generally over 24×24” with a touch of art that creates a unique and memorable setting. Maybe it’s a themed restaurant, bar, or maybe your home theater. Imagine, walking into your own theater with spot lights shining on your favorite stars…. or even silhouettes of your children.

Boat & Water design by in house metal artist Rob Gerdin. Love the water? Boats, kayak or water fowl? Our in house designer can design the stair, loft or deck railing design of your dreams for your home or business.

Railing more what you had in mind? With our metal railing panel inserts of course you can insert into any wood system by simply making a groove ½” deep and setting the metal into the wood for a unique look.  Many clients select their favorite animal, or for a more neutral look select a style without animals. Tree’s, modern shapes, the name of your property, are all idea’s that can be incorporated into any custom NatureRails scene. And of course, we can make your metal railing panel inserts to any size you need.

If you want to go full blown and do all metal, but still want a metal railing panel inserts in your home, you can ask for our “naked” panels, which have no additional processing or coating after your design is cut. This allows us to ship direct to you or your welder for welding. After your welding is completed, we certainly recommend sand blasting, also known as media blasting to clean your metal thoroughly down to the metal before your final finish is applied.

Restaurants are a great place to have metal railing panel inserts and can include your logo or theme. We have worked with several restaurants to achieve an exciting look and additional privacy with our inserts being featured as booth dividers. Metal railing panel inserts can also be made into room dividers, privacy patio sections, murals and fancy window guards.

Are you concerned about rust because you have an exterior project? We got you covered their as well. For an upgrade charge your metal railing panel inserts may be ordered in stainless steel for marine use, as well as aluminum. Aluminum is our go to for salt water environments, island living whether its indoors or out, as well as exterior projects that are in harsh weather environments.

Check out our latest video here: http://Summer 2022 Railing and Gate Favorites


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