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Aquatic Art Railing, Inspired by Sea Life

Land animals are frequent but under the ocean is a whole different world.  Sea life can make an amazing design subjects for your aquatic art railing or gate. Our artist can design a scene with your own photo’s submitted or let us design from a list of things you want. Your railing maintains a 4″ building code space minimum requirement. Add coral, sea grasses, shells or fish in your designs to create your own railing art.

Install your new railing, once in your life time!

Salt water destroys the composition of cheap knock off products in a relatively short time frame. Our metal art railing and gates are made out of heavy gauge materials. Aluminum is necessary in exterior salt water locations. You see, aluminum is different than steel. Steel rusts at a rapid rate, whereas aluminum oxidizes at a much slower rate. Oxidization creates a white powder. Again, much slower than a steel rusting but in general its the same concept. Sea life railing is a great addition to your beach home.

Photo examples or your own idea for the design are welcome. Keep scrolling for photos that will leave you inspired to create your own water scene.

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