Deck Panel Insert 30×72 inch wildlife railing panel

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Deck Panel Insert Railing Panel Inserts 30×72 inch

Choose from our most popular designs in a 30×72 inch railing panel insert. These can be used as a railing panel for your balcony or deck project. Panels are 10 gauge steel cut with precision fiber optic technology. Artist Rob Gerdin of Sarasota, Florida is owner and designer of each selection. Powder coated in your choice of colors, we sand blast every order to clean the metal surface before coating.  Powder coat is more durable than a paint, which saves time in maintenance.

NatureRails deck panel insert highlights:

  • Each laser-cut railing panel insert is 6 ft wide (72 inches) and 30 inches tall to install into your own wood hand & foot supports
  • Artistic railing panel inserts are powder coated for extreme durability in your choice of colors
  • Railing panels are made from 10 gauge steel (1/8″ thick)
  • Each railing panel insert meets building code requirements of 4″ maximum spacing in the railing design (FBC)
  • Railing panels can be inserted into our own hand and foot railing or ordered without coating ready to weld, contact the office via email at [email protected]
  • Exterior use panels required to add primer powder coat for maximum durability in the elements
Laser Cut Railing 6 foot Pine Cone

ST6-10 Designer Pine Cone Railing Panel

Decide your design details in three simple steps:

  • Choose your railing design to complement your style
  • Select your choice of railing powder coat color (Oil Rubbed Bronze, Textured Black, Textured Copper)
  • Where will install your railing panel? Interior or exterior installation location
  • Inquire about custom designs and sizes for railing, gates and special metal art project in steel and aluminum`
ST6-12 Mountain Lake

ST6-12 Mountain Lake Railing

Shop  8-Foot Designer Railing Panels that are a standard 30×96 inches. For custom design, we also have our own artist on staff who can design any theme while maintaining building code restrictions. Rob Gerdin’s custom railing and gate designs are world wide!  The artist can design and fabricate to the size and layout you need in steel or aluminum. Our products are cut with high precision machines that are efficient and safe for our works.  Take a look at our Custom Railing for more detailed fabrication information.

Why should your railing use powder coat instead of paint or stain? Well for starters, powder coat is 4-10 times thicker than traditional spray paint. Read more about powder coat and watch this short Video of Powder Coat Application on a NatureRails gate. Be sure to check out NatureRails Product FAQ page for more detailed answers. Adding a nature scene to your deck, loft or balcony adds interest to your home, public facilities for parks and rec, sporting goods stores, restaurants and luxury to log homes.


ST6-08 Designer Deer Railing

ST6-08 Designer Deer Railing