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Custom Metal Porch Railing Designs

Instead of wood outside, have you considered metal porch railing designs by NatureRails? With a full welded metal railing system custom created for you by our in-house designer, you can kick back every summer…. instead of re staining it annually to keep a new look!

Benefits of Metal vs Wood

The benefits of using all metal porch railing designs vs wood, whether you select steel or aluminum, will outlast painted or stained wood without question. Metal is so durable, our art panels prior to cut out the steel weigh 5.625 pounds per square foot and are 1/8″ thickness! Aluminum jobs require a minimum of .25″ thickness and can outlast most any other material, especially with additional powder coat protection that we coat all our products with.

The Elements

Wood can be beautiful……but not for very long in the elements of nature. Wood can rot and warp when moisture is present it can shorten the life of your railing. Wood railing vs our metal porch railing designs with or without welding can be created to meet all your needs for harsh weather, salt water or maximum sun by adding a zinc rich layer of powder coat prior to your color.

Design your own – work with the Artist !

So, what can you do with your metal porch railing designs from NatureRails? You’ve got options with us:

  • Select from pre-designed panel only scenes to insert into wood or composite and and foot railing. Weld pre-designs into metal or install into wood.
  • Choose a full welded section inserts with your metal porch railing designs of your choice with flowing scenes from one to another. Incorporate all of your favorite animals, tree’s and something unique to you and your project. We can provide optional posts, or just the railing sections to the size you need in between each post.
  • Work with artist Rob Gerdin on a pattern to replicate for your metal porch railing designs.

Custom Design

ST6-08 Deer 2

ST6-12 Mountain Lake

Replication of a Pattern

The “Anna Maria Grand”


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