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Consider Decorative Railing Panels by NatureRails

Do you want to dress up your railing, stairs or deck with a simple solution?  Select from custom or six- and eight-foot width standard size “off the shelf” designs to complete a unique railing focal point for your project.

Renovation is a great time to add decorative railing panels to update dated, grayed wood or rusted out iron railing that has become unstable or just unattractive. You don’t need a lot of time to plan ahead when NatureRails has so many on hand designs that can be shipped in typically less than three weeks via UPS ground shipping methods, right to your door. Select from landscape tree designs, deer, elk, bear, moose and all your favorite loon, bass, and other modern designs created by artist Rob Gerdin. To learn more about our in house artist please visit

Custom Decorative Railing Panels

Rob has a standard collection of decorative railing panels is typical sizes, but you can create your own custom decorative railing panels as well with whatever mountain style, rocks, water, foreground and animals that you have for the vision in your home. Or maybe modern decorative railing panels are more your design style. Work with us to create the perfect geometric or style that works in your interior design. Decorative railing panels are a great way to add flair and interest to tired spaces in the home. They are made to 4” building codes specifications, and a typical height of 30” is used for installations requiring a 36” finished installation height. We can also modify your sizing and bill to the nearest inch for taller height requirements, or special projects.

Our decorative railing panels are typically fabricated out of mild steel but aluminum materials can also be used for an additional upgrade charge.

Finish – With or Without Coating

Decorative railing panels may be shipped with or without coating, in case you want your own local welder to weld them into metal for you. A credit is applied when coating is not done on your decorative railing panels. We also sandblast to clean before we do apply coating, a primer if used for exterior, and offer different powder coat colors to select from. Powder coat application is an electromagnetically charged powder that is sprayed on, and the baked in a huge oven. This basically turns the material into a nice enamel type finish. It is tougher than a paint and wont rust, crack or fade as fast and under typical conditions, can take years to show any wear. Weather of course will have its way with any exterior product, and a primer is added to those decorative railing panels you may be adding to your unique exterior railing system.

For more information, please visit our photo galleries at for more idea’s. We also accept your own photo’s and idea’s and paper napkin drawings for input on custom decorative railing panels. Visit our online store 24×7 to browse and order our standard pre-designed decorative railing panels, which can ship in as little as two weeks. Typical is 3 weeks out the door and for larger orders we can work to meet your dates that you need your decorative railing panels on site for your project.

Come back often, the artist Rob Gerdin adds new design content now and then. If there is a design you have a question about, email size and your design request to: [email protected] and we would be happy to quote you as well as answer any questions you may have.

The “Anna Maria Grand”


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