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NatureRails makes many products, but what we have likely become most well-known for are our Decorative Railing Inserts. Artist and owner, Rob Gerdin solved his own construction challenge in 1999 when building his log home in Colorado. Rob was told that he would be receiving 5300 log spindles to install, one by one into his new Swedish cope log style home staircase.

Given the amount of natural wood in the home already with exterior walls, ceilings and structural open beams in the house, Rob decided he had enough. Already breaking up the wood with interior painted walls, tile and carpet, he took it a step further, creating his own decorative railing inserts to lesson the amount of wood in the home. This also created a stunning focal point in the main family living area. With 33-foot ceilings in the great room it was the perfect place to have the decorative railing inserts installed as you walk into the front door and into the room.

Installing decorative railing inserts into your current wood staircase can actually be quite easy as this before and after photo shows. The decorative railing inserts simply needed a top and bottom flat bar welded to the panel, and some counter sunk holes placed on the flat bar to reinstall into the old stair case after removal of the wood spindles.

BAM! Whole new look to this old house! What a stunning focal point to have with a simple installation process.

Decorative Railing Inserts Installation Instructions

Not sure you know how to install decorative railing inserts without welding? Please take a look under the INFORMATION tab and look for panel only installation guide home page.

Decorative railing inserts can also be used on your deck, stairs or during your fabrication process of spindle railing. Visit our many photo galleries at our website for install and design idea’s.

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