Powder Coating a Custom Gate

See how powder coat is applied to steel or aluminum products for long-lasting protection in any type of weather. All of our products are powder coated for carefree maintenance. No staining, sanding or painting ever! Powder coating is available in a variety of colors and textures, although by far black is still the most popular, and simple to touch up in the event of a scratch. After the powder coating is applied to the metal, it is baked on in a large oven, turning the colored powder into a baked on enamel type finish. This allows for color as well as texture unlike a paint.

How Custom Railing is Made

View the detailed custom process and craftsmanship that goes into making railings for decks, stairs, and commercial buildings.

See how custom railing, including custom balcony railing & custom deck railings, are designed and manufactured at NatureRails™.

Visit our Main Photo Gallery to see the wide variety of designs we have produced for our clients.

View Custom Railing Designs

Our custom balcony and stair railing are designed by artist Rob Gerdin. Beautiful, functional  and designed to your specifications, or choose from our growing inventory of pre-designed balcony and railing solutions. Just click on shop from our homepage to see our latest quick order solutions.

Our custom products all include your first 5 revisions of artwork, so you have plenty of time to evolve your design should you initially be a little undecided. We get it…so many options to select from. What tree style do you like? Maybe you want an underwater design. Modern may be your look and you have a new favorite geometric pattern picked out for your matching drapes. Our products have been diverse in nature, no pun intended, and include everything from wild animals to domestic pets, modern geometric designs to matching your own logo. We can do what’s you!

Our designs meet 4″ UBC (Universal Building Code) and they look great too!


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