Railing and Fireplace Screens Jan 2012

Add value to your home with NatureRails™ Custom Railing and Home Decor Products!

Custom Balcony and Stair Railings Inside


Custom Deck and Stair Railings Outside

Custom Balcony & Stair Railings

Here is what  our customers have to say…
“The install went fine & the railings look amazing! So many people have seen he house & LOVE them! They finish off the new loft perfectly & fit in with the house so very well.” Amber in PA

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Custom Fireplace Screen

This lovely 39×48″ 2-door custom fitted fireplace screen insert is made of a heavy 1.5″ steel frame, with 6″ install tabs at the back to be installed into the clients masonry.  The elk antler door handles from Idaho add to the beauty of the piece and also provide a non-heat conducive material so that the handles do not get hot from the fire.

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Custom Railings for Your Deck by NatureRails™


NatureRails™ plans to brighten rooms with decorative lighting. We can create a sconce to match your railing! Custom orders only at this time.

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Looks Like a Work of Art!

Functions Like Railing!

Horses are the focal point of this railing at this bank in Wyoming.

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