• Custom Textured Copper Railing (CS-323)
  • Log Home w Outdoor Balcony Railing (CS-280)
  • Custom Stair Railing (IN-42)
  • Modern Pinecone Railing in Textured Copper
  • Custom Railings for Hunting Lodge
  • Custom Railing with Birds CS-341
  • Custom Fireplace Screen (FP-03)
  • Series of Stair Railing Panel Inserts
  • Standard 8ft Railing (ST8-14)
  • Custom Railing w Wood Timbers
  • Mountain Lake Mural in Copper (MA-10)
  • Custom Outdoor Gate
  • Custom Swan Railing
  • Outdoor Railings with Inserts
  • Metal Railing
  • Custom Outdoor Railing
  • Standard Horse Railing for Commerce Bank in Wyoming (ST8-04)
  • Welded Railing Solution for Balcony Railings
  • Custom Steel Railings (CS-276 & CS-277)
  • Curved Radius Railing (CS-228)
  • Colorado Parade of Homes (CS-228)
  • Swans and Marine Life (CS-259)
  • Eagle catching rabbit (CS- 277)
  • Custom Balcony Railings (CS-276 & CS-277)
  • Replace Spindles with Forest Animals (CS-276)
  • Balcony and stair railings
  • Standard Pine Cone Railing Featured in Outdoor Deck (ST6-10)
  • Maintenance Free (CS-238 & CS-239)
  • Maintenance Free Railing in Copper (CS-236, CS-237 & CS-238)
  • Custom railing panels inserts into split log railing CS-280
  • Custom Railing with Loons (CS-238)
  • Custom Salmon Railing (CS-284 & IN-48)
  • Custom Railing featuring Air Force Academy (CS-309)
  • Standard Pine Cone Railing (ST6-10)
  • Maintenance Free Railing
  • Balcony and Stair Railing
  • Steel Stair Gate w Deer (GS-22)
  • IN-61-63 Oakland Zoo
  • Tequila Manufacturing Art Room Divider
  • Deer Railing with welding CS-590
  • Unfinished Raw Steel Railing Panel with Salmon
  • SP-15 Custom Mural Painted Metal Pinecone
  • ST6-10 30x72 Pine Cone accent scene placed in between iron spindle railing by NatureRails
  • ST8-14 Mountain Lake Railing
  • Stair and landing railing featuring moose
  • Stair railing with buck deer on the lake
  • Standard Railing Design Pinecone ST8-10 30x96 by NatureRails
  • ST8-08 CS-389 CS-390
  • ST6-02 Standard Fish Railing as Mural
  • Deer Railing in Distressed Wood (ST8-08)
  • Balcony & Stair Railings in Continuous Scene
  • Custom grape vine & wine Railing insert
  • Outdoor Railing for Balcony (CS-280)
  • Mountain Lake (ST8-12)
  • Three Step Gate (GA-21)
  • Ocean Wave Stair Rail
  • Custom Stair and Balcony Railing w Salmon
  • Curved Moose Railing (CS-228)
  • Mt Tallac and Deer Railing
  • Railing ready for packing in rust powder coat color
  • SP-01 Kitchen Cabinet Decor with Backlighting
  • Custom Fireplace Screen FP-14
  • Custom Railing in Colorado Parades of Homes
  • Balcony Railing with a Cougar on The Prowl (CS-34)
  • Custom Bear (CS-23) and Cougar Railing (CS-24)
  • Custom Balcony Railing Featuring Moose and an Eagle (CS-20)
  • Custom Railing CS-369 Fisherman with dog and water fowl
  • Transparent copper finish. (IN-01 & CS-59)
  • Custom Railings Southwestern Style
  • Deer in the Mountains (CS-129)
  • Custom Stair Railing with Bears (IN-04 & IN-05)
  • Custom outdoor railing,
  • Balcony Railing w Kayak (CS-07) and Canoe (CS-08)
  • Custom Railing in Light Powder Coat Color
  • CS-369 Custom Fisherman Railing
  • Custom Waterfall with Fireplace
  • CS-560 Moose in the Woods
  • CS-575 Bear, CS-577-Deer
  • CS-369 Fisherman Railing with dog amd waterfowl
  • CS-407 & IN-68 Grizzly After Cougar
  • CS-505 Deer w CS-504 Spindle Railings
  • CS-523, CS-524, CS-516, Leaping Dogs Farm
  • CS-558 Fishing in Alaska
  • CS-561 Helicopter in Ak
  • Custom Eagle Gate for Stairs GA-26
  • CS-568 & CS-569 in PA
  • CS-575-Swallow and bear in the forest CS-576 pine border spindle railing by Naturerails
  • CS-579 Howling Wolf
  • CS-585 & CS-586 Longhorn Saloon
  • CS-703 Marilyn Monroe Privacy Screen Insert or Mural
  • CS-704 Frank Sinatra Privacy Restaurant Screen Insert
  • Custom Driveway Gate-D1-11 with Clown Fish, Grouper, Conch, Sea Turtle
  • Custom Railing Sample designed for Tropical Resort
  • Photo by Tad Merrick
  • Photo by Tad Merrick
  • Modern Welded Contemporary Design Railing
  • Stair Railing with Downhill Skier (IN-41)
  • Custom wall Mural in Transluscent Copper
  • Custom Steel Rails
  • Moose and Elk Railing
  • Standard Railing Bear Design (ST8-01)
  • Custom tree Stair railing
  • Eagle Catching a Trout (CS-212)
  • Window Deer Panel Insert
  • Custom Steel Gate (GA-07)
  • Jazz  Band Custom Window Insert (WIN-07)
  • Great Railing for fishermen (ST6-02)
  • Custom deck railing (CS-267)
  • CS-212 & CS-213
  • Standard Eight Foot Balcony Rails (ST8-01 & ST8-07)
  • Custom Outdoor Balcony Rail (CS-08A)
  • Custom Railing Panels - Wolf (CS-13)
  • Standard 8ft Railing with Howling Wolf Pack (ST6-13)
  • Custom Balcony Railing in Transparent Copper (CS-06)
  • Standard Railing 8ft w Deer & Mountains (ST8-07)
  • Standard Railing (6ft) Deer in Forest (ST6-07)
  • Custom fireplace screen FP-02
  • Moose Railing Replaces Spindles (CS-23)
  • Custom Mural - 6ft x 10ft (MR-07)
  • Custom Stair Railing (IN-40)
  • Custom Railing w Martini and Wine (CS-122)
  • Steel Outdoor Gate Custom with Bears
  • Bates's Rental Cabins in NC with Custom Balcony Railing
  • Custom Railing at LLBean Fish & Game Store
  • Commercial Railing at LLBean (CS-93)
  • Standard Moose Railing (ST6-05)
  • Filtered light at Sunset. Window Inserts!
NatureRails Artistic Railing & Decor on HouzzNatureRails Artistic Railing & Decor on HouzzNatureRails Artistic Railing & Decor on Houzz

Outdoor Balcony Railings CS-07 & CS-08

GA-15-36 Custom Gate for Musician (Unfinished Aluminum)

Designer Deer Panel ST8-07

Decorative Baluster Railings

Exterior Decorative Border Railing

Decorative Metal Railing Designs

Artistic Railing for Balcony, Deck or Stairs

NatureRails Artistic Railing and Decor where our designs are only limited by your imagination! Rob Gerdin can design exactly what you are looking for in:

Balcony Railing, Deck Railing or Stair Railings

Railings for your Deck, Porch or Veranda

Interior or Exterior Railings

Custom Designed Railings

DESIGNER RAILING – 6ft or 8ft Railing Panels

Privacy Screens for home or business

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Watch our latest NatureRails™ video How Decorative Railings are Created which shows the detailed craftsmanship that goes into making every artistic metal NatureRails™ product; unlike any other custom balcony railing, deck railing or stair railing in the industry.

Custom Railing or Designer Railing

NatureRails™ offers quality craftsmanship and design in steel or aluminum decorative railings that are maintenance free indoors or out! Better than wrought iron or rod iron railing! Durable low-maintenance railing that is a pleasure to look at.

We have a variety of Designer Railings in two standard sizes and ten different wildlife and scenery railing designs (Six Foot Designer Railing or Eight Foot Designer Railing), or we can create unique Custom Metal Railings for your home or business. Our wildlife railing panels are a unique alternative to ordinary spindles and balusters.

Choose from a variety of powder coat colors and textures to compliment any decor. All decorative railings are made with powder coated steel or aluminum that is baked on for high durability. Metal railing panels are durable and practical. Ask about our maintenance-free artistic railing designs.

Decorative Baluster Railing

NatureRails decorative railing systems are fabricated using heavy duty spindles, newel posts and allow you to customize your railing to match your decor. A functional work of art! Easy to install, our products can be configured with the your choice of over 14+ border styles, size, spindles and powder-coat color. For more detail information on our newest product line, please read the Decorative Baluster Railings for interior or exterior use like all of our powder-coated metal railings.

For more information please visit the Decorative Railing Pricing web page and for an in-depth discussion of how artistic metal products are made at NatureRails please visit the Artistic Railing Production Process page.

Read our Railing Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more about our products or call or friendly staff at 888-743-2325. We would love to hear about your new project or answer any questions you may have.

Deck Railing Designs

Take a look at our deck & porch railing ideas and railing designs on our Deck Railing Designs & Porch Railing Designs page. Ask our friendly staff about the extra primer and durability of these beautiful aluminum railings, or steel railing if you prefer. Low maintenance! Never needs painting! We have metal deck railing to fit every size and style.

Custom Metal Gates

Gates custom made for your deck, balcony, stairs or driveway. Interior or Exterior.

Custom Gates built on demand to meet all your metal fabrication and installation needs. Our powder coated metal gates are designed to your specifications. Your style, your design, you pick the color, tell us the size and we’ll do the rest.

Visit the Custom Gate Photo Gallery and get inspired to create something for your home.

Custom Fireplace Screens

All Custom Designs, Colors, and Sizing. Free-standing or Insert. Styled to fit your decor and space requirements.

Three-section, Single-panel, or 2-door style

Stunning addition to your Home, Cabin, Lodge, or commercial building.

Visit the Custom Fireplace Screen Photo Gallery and see a sample of what we have created.

Custom Murals, Window Inserts and other Decor

  • Custom Murals designed in any size or style
  • Custom Metal Signs – for your home or business
  • Custom Window Inserts for interior or exterior
  • Custom Scenes for your bed headboard or footboard
  • Great for Homes, Cabins, Lodges, Restaurants, and More


Visit the Custom Metal Art Photo Gallery for more unique home decor products and information.


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