Deck Railing Inserts… Now Available Naked!

By the title you are wondering what wearing clothing, or not, has to do with deck railing.  I am here to tell you the Gods honest truth about that…  NOTHING! …but it’s the best way to describe NatureRails Deck Railing Inserts that you can use on your DIY project at your home! Now get back on your clothes, grab a beverage and let’s get serious on how you can create your own fashionable deck or railing project!

Multiple Applications

First off, deck railing inserts can be used for multiple applications. Let your imagination run like wildfire. What we provide is the design help and the fabrication of the metal to get your project started.


  1. Select from our standard height of 30 inches or the product can be designed any height/width you need to meet 4” building code. Every order will include 5 art revisions of what you want to cut, and you will receive your first proof set from our artist within most cases less than 72 hours of deposit. An estimate of final charges is given prior to your deposit by emailing our office.
    Here are some different ways to use your 1/8” thick steel cut outs, again, in any size you need. Standard height needed for a 36” railing installation will be 30 to 32” in height.
  2. These deck railing inserts can be sent “naked”, without coating direct to your welder- ready to weld into your own selected materials. Finish your fabrication, clean with best results by sandblasting, and powder coat finish. For exterior use, we recommend adding a zinc rich primer powder coat layer.
  3. Another use for the deck railing inserts is when you have a special color theme in the home inside or out. Maybe you want something wild or you want a flip flop paint job. Great time for you to take the metal and experiment with your own paint or your own local powder coat shop to match up other items you have ordered for your project.
  4. NatureRails deck railing inserts can be used for more than just decks and stairs…makes a great fence insert, wall hanging accent to match your railing, etc.
  5. GREAT for those A frame or 12 pitch roof homes where you are left with a triangle to fill in at the end of your loft railing where it meets the roof line. Man, I wish we had thought of that when we made the very first NatureRails, in 1999. Check out the wagon wheel we used, still not meeting code. That small space is enough to risk a small dog having enough space to jump to its demise!
  6. Minimum order size here at NatureRails is 24” x 24”, this is a structural component on top of being a decorative item. Minimum 10 gauge steel thickness, aluminum minimum 3/16. Due to market fluctuation aluminum must be quoted on a case by case basis.
    Replication of your design can be added to your own spindle railing system you may be doing. The possibilities are pretty endless. We can offer special pricing for replicated sections, bulk orders and as an add on to current work you are doing with us. Maybe you have your staircase in bears and need just the right mural, window side light fill in, or deck railing inserts to carry on through the exterior of the home.

Our deck railing inserts give you the flexibility to create your own project and join in the fun of fabrication. Remember, steel rusts when it is exposed to the elements, so unless you are planning on powder coat finish, we recommend using your deck railing inserts for interior applications. The proper cleaning and finish will make all the difference in enjoying your new products a life time! (or at least until the sun fades it)

Custom Railing Insert

Victorian Window Insert

Custom Deck Railing Insert

Deck Railing Inserts

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